Ep 77 – 50 Shades of Heretic

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Fair warning this is a very silly episode and meant to be light hearted. I know there not really much in the way of 40k talk, but it was a lot of fun. Seg 1 Gaming & Hobby updates GW News Words from the Wappels Gencon housing Seg 2 Girls on gaming - Adepticon for newbies Game Night Grub - Board games and kickstarters Check out our new YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIeW8eRQCFdGo7uAGMSyD7A Show Sponsors: PoweredPlay - http://poweredplay.net/ KR … [Read more...]

Ep 67 Space Wolves in view


Welcome to Screaming Heretic Episode 67! Lots of new releases and Gencon is almost here. We cant wait for this years Gencon goodness! If you have topics you would like to hear about or feedback on the podcast please let us know via facebook or email joe@screamingheretic.com. Segment One - Hobby and gaming updates New 40k releases and rumors Interview with Con*Quest and NOVA Open Charitable Foundation project Segment Two - Hobby finds / tips Gen-Con planning Girls of gaming: … [Read more...]

Ep 38 Holiday Special


  Welcome to Ep 38 of Screaming Heretic. Your best source for Warhammer 40k nonsense, laughs, sometimes news, and once in awhile good hobby advice.  WARNING IF YOUR ABLE TO BE OFFENDED CHANCES ARE THIS EPISODE WILL OFFEND YOU.  PLEASE LISTEN AT YOUR OWN RISK! Segment One Open Slience for Sandyhook Geek, Hobby & Gaming Updates News Interview with Dan from Tectonic Craft Studios www.Tectoniccraftstudios.com Flash Gitz Interview Segment Two You might be an A$$hat … [Read more...]

Ep 35 the burnmaster cometh

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Welcome to Ep 35 of Screaming Heretic.  Your best source for Warhammer 40k nonsense, laughs, sometimes news, and once in awhile good hobby advice. Segment 1 Open & Updates -Don’t forget to submit your conversions to the Bitz Box conversion segment News Product Review - Victoria Miniatures Grex: Airbrushinig tips - Pre-shading and model tips New Song! Chaos Rabbit Segment 2 Hobby Finds! - Laser Cutting madness! Horus Heresy Book One – Betrayal: Part Two! Girl on gaming: … [Read more...]

Ep 33 – The Girls Got Lost in the Warp (and other 40k goodness)


      Welcome to episode 33 of Screaming Heretic.  Your best source for Warhammer 40k nonsense, laughs, sometimes news, and once in a while good hobby advice. Segment 1 Open & Updates News New Minion Applications Bitzbox Conversion Segment - Don’t Drink and Podcast Segment 2 A Tale of Two List Update - Highlight lists selected by Matt and Justin. Reminder that they need to provide 2 lists, one at 1750 and one at 2000 points 6th Ed Main Book FAQ … [Read more...]

Ep 32 WTF


Welcome to Ep 32.  We had some sound quality issues with some of the segments and despite me spending over nine hours attempting to clean up the audio its not the best.  I'll try to get things fixed by next episode.   We have a new feature we're starting where we will have commission and award winning painters record painting tips, so if you're a painter and would like to be part of the show please drop us a line at info@screamingheretic.com. Segment 1 Open & Updates News Chicago … [Read more...]

Ep 31 Games Day 2012 & James Swallow Interview


  Welcome to EP 31!   We took a couple of days to record this, Joe wasn't able to do it all in one sitting with his injuries.  Hope you enjoy. Segment 1 Open & Updates Hobby updates News Jens Gamesday recap Segment 2 Codex deamons & IA: Aeronutica Kiss My List Contest Update Segment 3 Bitz Box Conversion segment Girls of Gaming Fletch Gamesday recap James Swallow Interview     Show Sponsors: KR Multicase … [Read more...]

Ep 30 – The Dirty 30 (40k goodness)


  Welcome to Ep 30 of Screaming Heretic!  Gamesday is coming up and we're all excited about Gencon!  We didn't start recording until 11:00 pm at night so the crew was a little slap happy, be warned...  With that said, here's the Ep. Segment 1 Open & Updates News Grex Airbrush Segment 2 Girls of gaming Kiss My List Review Contest Entries Contest Update Segment 3 Bitz Box Conversion segment 6th Ed learning   Show Sponsors: KR Multicase … [Read more...]