The Masterclass


Big News!  World Class award winning painter Mathieu Fontaine is going to be holding master classes again in the Chicagoland area!!!!  I went to the Master Class One (MC I) last year and it changed the way I look at painting.  This year he’s doing MC I and the follow up Master Class Two (MC II) the following weekend.  WOW!!!  Masterclass I will be held on April 28-29 and Masterclass II on May 5-6. Both events will take place at Games Plus in Mount Prospect. For more information contact Randall Smith at blakbuzzrd [at] gmail [dot] com.  The location is at 101 West Prospect Avenue Mount Prospect, IL 60056 (847) 577-9656.  Please contact Randall for local hotel information.  These fill up fast, so don’t wait!

Here is the skinny for all of you crazy painters / War Gamers out there.

Cost: $115 per class

What does this include: Two VERY FULL days of detailed instruction with 1-1 attention from Mathieu.  The mini that you’ll be working on, the paints, and a high end Raphael brush.  This is a deal that can’t be beat!

Masterclass I – 

A Masterclass is an intensive class on painting figurines over 2 days. Every techniques and theoretical concepts are covered from the undercoat to perfect blending passing by zenithal lighting.

The imposed figurine will allow every student to have plenty of time to explore the principal areas of painting: clothing, skin, the face and metallics. In term of theory, zenithal lighting, composition, color theory and base conception will be explored giving every students a complete understanding of the theoretical concepts to maximise the impact of his or her miniature.

The class is over 2 intensive days, saturday and sunday. Saturday starts at 9 am and last until 9 pm and sunday goes from 9am to 6 pm.

The class is open to every level of painters. Whether you are holding a brush for the first time or you have painted hundreds of models for your armies everyone will benefit from this class. Each students will receive the same technical and theoretical information but the follow up is totally personalised and 1 on 1. Every student will be pushed to the maximum of his or her abilities in order to make sure that everyone get the maximum out of this experience. So whether you are an army painter that want to know how to have better results on its favorite model or you are the painter that dream about a Golden Demon this class is for you.


Masterclass II – 

Masterclass II are for the painters that want to reach another level and discover vehicule painting techniques. The regular Masterclass did not require any experience. It was open to every painter motivated to learn whether you had painted a mini before or not. The Masterclass II is aimed at painters with more experience. We will approach various military modeling techniques, push blending to another level, explore airbrushing both for vehicule and figurine, play with unusual products such as oil paint and weathering pigment and experiment with base building and painting.

The airbrush section of this class will be a 3-4 hours demonstration. If you have an airbrush and compressor and want to bring it to the class to experiment with the techniques as they are being demonstrated you are more than welcome but it is not mandatory.


So load up on Red Bulls and empty your mind because  your going to be need every neuron in your brain to take in this unreal level of painting secrets and tricks your going to learn.  Kick start your journey to becoming the painting ninja you always wanted to be.  Bring your mad painting skills and sign up now!!


As an added bonus the Screaming Heretic podcast will be onsite as well doing interviews and painting as well… You could end up on the podcast talking about your mad skills and what you’ve learned…  (Crazy cool uh?)