First thoughts on new GW paint line


I had the chance to play with the new GW paints at the Chicago Battle Bunker today.  The line has been expanded out to about 146 paints like we talked about on the last podcast.  I was really interested in trying some of the new base colors (New name for foundation), the glazes, shades (washes), textures (really cool thick basing paint with “stuff” in it), and dry (special thick paint for dry brushing).  Check out our Facebook page for more photos!

High level thoughts

Base colors give great coverage even over black

Base white was grainy and you’ll need a bit more work

Base red and green go over black smooth and like a champ

Glazes are money, so if you can’t or don;t want to mess with making your own this is for you

The shades (washes) are great and dry super fast, like ten minutes fast!

Texture – All I can say is wow!  If you need a quick way to make your base look nice and don’t want to put the effort into modeling stuff on it this is for you.  Plus no more sunken model syndrome… :-) Very thick with bits of stuff in it.  I turned the bottle upside down and its so thick it didn’t spill!

Dry – I’m not a big fan of dry brushing, if that’s your thing good for you.  For me I might use it once in a while, but I don’t like the grainy / powdery look it leaves.  BUT these paints were awesome for dry brushing!  Thick like the texture but without the bits in it.


Overall I’m a fan, I didn’t play with the layer set as they’re just the same old colors.  Conversion chart is below.


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  • Chris Gardiner

    Thanks for the run down. Looks like we’ve some interesting paint coming. It’s always nice to see quick coverage like this from the community.

  • Carl Yorysh

    Thanks for the info!